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Alex & Jace Wedding Animation

Alex & Jace Wedding Animation

Alex & Jace is a cute couple who cherishes each other’s special moments. They love spending time together and both of them are actually from different countries. Alex is Indonesian while Jace is Malaysian. Their lovely wedding was held both in Perth and Bali, and this animation was specially designed for them to show everyone [...]

St. Anthony’s School Class 1971 Reunion

St. Anthony's School Class 1971 Reunion

Sarikei’s St. Anthony’s School 1971 Class Reunion. Yes, it’s a very long name. But this explains one of the most special clients we’ve had so far.┬áHave you ever thought what it would be like if you have not met your classmates for 40 years and reunited again one day? Honestly, it’s quite impossible for me [...]

James & Esther’s Wedding Day

James & Esther's Wedding Day

James & Esther’s love story started 9 years ago. They enjoy every moment of being with each other. Today on the 12th of June, they share their biggest love story chapter with everyone. We are glad to be the photograhers and videographers to document this ‘lived happily forever and after’ story for the couple. Don’t [...]

Stephen & Jenj’s Engagement

Stephen & Jenj's Engagement

What’s the happiest thing that happened to your life? Well, on the 1st day of 2011, I was blessed to witness my high school friend, Jenj’s engagement to her Prince Charming. Seeing her so filled with joy and happiness, I was honoured to have been the one that has helped her preserve this beautiful memory. [...]

Kim & Sandy Wedding Animation

Kim & Sandy Wedding Animation

Kim & Sandy’s wedding animation. A gift from sister Shuen Kwan to the lovely couple which held their wedding at Macau. This animation was personalized according the real appearance of the couple. Based on the actual story of how the couples met and how their special day began. It is a short story to celebrate [...]