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1st Birthday for ZiSin

1st Birthday for ZiSin

It’s Zisin’s 1st birthday and she’s getting all princess’d up for her party. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate this adorable little angel’s birthday party with food and gifts. Although it’s a family party, but still it was a happy and fun day for everyone. Zisin had one of the most beautiful caked I’ve ever [...]

Caylee’s 1st Birthday

Caylee's 1st Birthday

Another little girl turns one and this time it’s Caylee. It’s her 1st birthday party and Mommy & Daddy helped her throw a fantastic party and invited all of her little friends. There were cakes, balloons, presents, sweets and even a piñata! The piñata was self made by Caylee’s Mommy and it was designed after [...]

Baby Svadhi’s First Step

Baby Svadhi's First Step

A baby’s first step is a developmental milestone that most parents never forget. But waiting for this moment can be an anxious time for most parents. To celebrate this big step forward, Svadhi’s mommy and daddy wanted this moment to be captured on camera. It was an honour to be part of this lovely moment. [...]

Xuan’s weekend with Mommy

Xuan's weekend with Mommy

Xuan is a happy child. Why? Well, it’s because he has a very loving mother who plays with him everyday. The smiles you can see on him due to his mother’s presence is very priceless. Every moment spent with his mother during one beautiful Saturday morning was captured through our designBAR lens. It’s very heart [...]

Baby Ian & Family Outing

Baby Ian & Family Outing

Seeing families getting together during the weekends is one of the most beautiful things in the world, aside weddings. At 4 months old, baby Ian’s mommy decided to give him a nice outdoor shoot during a weekend. We went down to Singapore to meet the lovely family and headed to the Botanic Garden for a [...]

Cian’s 1st birthday

Cian’s 1st birthday

Everyone’s 1st birthday is something that is widely celebrated. We went down to Singapore in an August morning, grabbing breakfast halfway and planning the shots for Cian’s important day. Cian’s mommy and daddy invited us down to his 1st birthday bash and it was really fun. All the kids playing with each other, the mommies [...]